Melobo are a three-piece ceilidh band from Oxfordshire comprising: Graham Hubbard plays melodeon and fiddle, Charlotte plays the oboe and recorder and Howard Hill plays the electric bass and tenor guitar.

They enjoy taking well known tunes and melobising them (!) creating exciting, rockin’ folk - ideal for dancing.

Caller Ben Robinson will guide all dancers through each dance and keep you on your toes all evening!

“By the end of the evening your ears will thank you

…and your feet will beg for mercy”

White Horse Ceilidhs run a series of dances in Grove Village Hall with the aim to bring new, young people into an already thriving local Folk scene. These events combine English Ceilidh (energetic barn dances) with performances from local bands and dance groups. Ceilidhs take place roughly every other month and have already attracted a lively, enthusiastic following.

9th Annual FfMS Charity Ceilidh - Friday 6th June 2014



English Ceilidh, pronounced "Kay-lee", is an energetic form of Barn Dance or English Country Dancing; the dancing is infectious, great fun and a wonderful way to meet new people of all ages, get some exercise, laugh a lot and hear amazing LIVE music. Ceilidhs provided a great opportunity to get a group of friends together and treat yourselves to a night of first-class, lively entertainment whilst supporting a worthy cause.

Half-time display by:

Ridgeway Step Clog was formed in 1998 and meet on Monday evenings in Steventon. We are a precision dance side demonstrating traditional English Stepping which incorporates steps that originated in the old Lancashire cotton mills. They perform dances from several regions including Lancashire, Sunderland, Durham, Wales and Canada. Ridgeway Step Clog’s very distinctive style is the result of taking these traditional steps and choreographing the routines and for some of them using props such as garlands, brooms, sheep and percussion.

The ceilidh starts at 8pm and ends at 11.30pm. There is a licensed bar with real ales from local breweries and a selection of rolls / sandwiches on sale. Tickets are £8 (under 16 £4)

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